Black Day - Yazidi Genocide

On Friday, Yazidis all over the world mourned and remembered the horrific events that took place on August 3, 2014.


Words cannot describe the brutal and barbaric genocide at the hands of Islamic State that led to the kidnapping, enslavement and exploitation of some 8,000 women and children. We attended a commemorative service attended by hundreds of Yazidis that have recently settled in Australia. Alongside the mayor of Toowoomba and other dignitaries we all gathered to mark what is now known as “The Black Day”. And you could feel the unquenchable sorrow as they shared stories of their suffering and collectively relived the trauma of their experiences. Their pain and anguish is compounded by the reality that many family members are still in captivity or unaccounted for. Others are languishing in overcrowded refugee camps in Iraq & Syria with little hope of returning to their homes. It was a heavy day and a reminder that we must not be silent to the suffering of the beautiful Yazidi people and many refugees like them around the world. Would you join me in praying for them today? Together we can show them that they are not alone in their suffering; that they are loved and welcome here. #youbelong

Tim BuxtonComment