No More Excuses To Play

These are some of the finest young men I know. Always polite and greet me with a warm smile every time I see them. They are incredibly resilient after all they have endured since fleeing Sinjar Mountain.

I'm ashamed to admit that I owe these guys a game of football. It's been too long since I've hit the pitch to play some six-a-side with these strapping young Yazidi boys. Partly because it's been super hot, but mostly because I know I'll barely survive. These guys sure know how to play and I reckon they could all make the national team if given the chance. Thankfully the summer is over and I'll have no more excuses to delay honoring my promise. Oh, and you should see the view from the soccer field that we play on @therefugeinitiative micro-camp in Rwandz. I'll show you next time we play. 📸 @missjessieparks @therefugeinitiative @rescueiraq

Tim BuxtonComment