Summer eNewsletter Out Now

There are just so many ways to describe our life in Kurdistan, but "dull" is definitely not one of them. Ever since we moved to the Kurdistan region of Northern Iraq a little over two years ago, we have experienced some the most enriching times of our lives. Sure we have had our fair share of challenges, but nothing like the challenges endured by the incredibly resilient people we find ourselves serving and living amongst.

We are back in the thick of the action after taking a break in the US this summer visiting family and friends. We also traveled quite a bit, raising awareness and support for the work we are involved with here in Iraq.

Now, with the battle to retake Mosul from ISIS looming and the anticipation that a further one million people will be displaced, there is a real sense that we are living on the frontline. We are more convinced than ever that God has placed us here to respond and serve those in need through shelter, education and holistic care. 

We have lots to share in this Summer 2016 edition of the flickerflame eNewsletter, and some exciting ways you can get involved. Also, we have a new website and blog with the latest updates and images of our life and work in Kurdistan.

Enjoy and thanks for journeying with us... Tim, Sarah, Elliana, Charlie & Lily xoxox

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