Pray for Mosul

Overlooking the Nineveh plains you can almost see Mosul from this 4th century monastery. Today, the battle for Mosul is slowly ramping up, with Iraqi & Kurdish forces with the help from Western Allies on the verge of outright war to eradicate ISIS from the city and surrounding towns and villages. Can't help but think of the hundreds of thousands of Iraqis now fleeing the next wave of violence, most likely heading our way to seek refuge. In fact Mar Mattai Monastery currently houses persecuted Christians that fled the Mosul region, forced to flee ISIS back in June 2014. 

Mar Mattai Monastery is located atop Mount Alfaf in Northern Iraq and is 20km from Mosul. It is recognized as one of the oldest Christian Monasteries in existence. It was an incredible experience to visit there in July of 2015 and also very sobering to think of the thousands that have lost their lives at the hands of ISIS in villages and towns within it's spanning view. #MarMatthaiMonastery  #BattleForMosul

Tim BuxtonComment