Suit Day at Kawlokan Camp

I think I've worn a suit three times since I've moved to Iraq. 

On this occasion we made a trip out to #KawlokanVillage to check on the progress of the 10 home expansion that we had just begun. 

The leader of the Yazidi camp was overseeing the work.... Basically, he sat on a chair and faithful observed the goings on. He is a sweet-spirited and gentle man. We can't communicate very well, mostly due to my poor Kurdish language, but we get on well. I like him a lot and I am so grateful that we are able to provide for those under his care. 

The great news is that work is almost complete at the new micro-camp expansion. Can't wait to see it and show you some photos of the new families getting their new homes. Thanks for all who helped make it possible.

Tim BuxtonComment