Project Akoyan Almost Complete

Sixteen Yazidi families are only days away from moving in to their new home at the foothills of Hendren Mountain in the Akoyan Valley. Around nine months ago, these families began the harrowing journey of fleeing the barbarism of ISIS and their ancient homeland on Shingal Mountain - eventually finding their way here in the Soran region. 

Since last November we have been reaching out to these folk, providing food, medicine, clothing, kerosine and other essential needs. Now we have the joy of being able to also provide them with shelter and a safe new place to call home. We understand that this is by no means a final solution to their plight... they have endured so much loss, persecution and suffering. And while their dream of returning back to their real home on Shingle Mountain, our prayer is that God will do a deep healing work in their lives during the season that they find themselves here and in our care. 

Please pray for them as they transition from their current location to this new camp we have called Project Akoyan. There are just a few more things that need to be completed, so pray that it all will come together without a hitch. 

Pray that these Yazidi families will experience the love and presence of Jesus in their new community of refuge. We are believing for God to do wonders in Akoyan! 

Tim Buxton1 Comment