Want to Learn More about the Kurds and Kurdistan?

Today, the eyes of the entire world are now looking at the semi-autonomous region known as Kurdistan. The Kurds here have long sought independence from Iraq and over the last few decades - and with a little help from the US and the West - they have proven that they are more than capable of managing their own affairs.

Their determination to become a self-governing, peaceful, prosperous and tolerant democracy is a reality that is garnering well deserved international attention. Their fight against the infamous IS terrorist advance is also proving to the world the courage of the Peshmerga (Kurdish Army) forces despite being out-gunned and under-resourced.

Thankful the US milatry is providing the Peshmerga with air-suport and intelligence giving them a fighting chance to secure and reinforce the Kurdistan region and remain the beacon of hope and freedom that seems all too rare here in the Middle East.

I stumbled across this article online from ABC News Australia... and I thought it was worth a read if you are interested in learning more about Kurdistan and the Iraqi Kurds.


Join with me in praying for the humanitarian crisis in Northern Iraq. Pray also for the Peshmerga as they battle the IS terrorists head on... they are truly critical to ensuring a secure Kurdistan region that can tend to the desperate needs of the millions of refugees/IDP's fleeing the violence.

Thanks for Journeying with us - Tim Buxton