Hope Lives Here | A Video Update of The Refuge

On the morning of June 9, 2014, we finally landed in Erbil, Iraq. The temperature outside was a toasty 42 degrees, but we didn’t care.  All that seemed to matter was that my wife and I had somehow managed to survive 24 hours on two planes with our three children (3yrs, 20mths & 3mths), and to our relief, all of our luggage made it too.

Little did we know that just 30 miles from the airport, Islamic State terrorists were conducting a campaign to take control of Mosul, Iraq’s second largest city. Mosul fell to the IS forces that fateful day, and as the following weeks unfolded, nothing could have prepared us for life in our new home - “War-torn Iraq”.



Watch the video that describes how our lives were forever changed the day we landed as a family in Iraq... See the transformation of The Refuge into a place of Hope for 20 refugee families from Mosul.

* To watch this video you must use click on the image above and use the PASSWORD: Hope

Cheers, Tim

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