My Sheep Know My Voice - A Poem

Have you ever found yourself searching for direction... desperate to know what step to take next? During the last few months I can definitely identify with the words of this poem by a dear friend, Richard, entitled "My Sheep Know My Voice"


It was a voice like no other

That penetrated beyond the deepest roots of his heart

It spoke of a joy higher than the heavens

And a sadness beyond words

It was the sound of 10,000 oceans

Yet ever so gentle

It was the roar of the mightiest of lions

And the soft purring of the gentlest of lambs

It was the voice of a loving father

Weeping for his lost children

He was approaching the final fork in the road

He felt lost

The number of roads was beyond counting

At the point of utter despair

He heard the sound

It began as a most insignificant drop of water

Falling on the thirsty ground

The drop became a shower

And the shower a down pour

Soon there was a mighty river of living water

He now knew the road to follow

"My sheep know my voice"

Tim BuxtonComment