journey with the buxton family as they live and work amongst the kurds in northern iraq


Serving refugees fleeing persecution. An inside look at a family that has placed themselves where the need is big.

our family



Born June 20 in Bandung, Indonesia

What do you do for fun? Play my acoustic guitar

Favorite subject in school? Health & Physical Education

Favorite sports? Surfing, Aussie Rules & Golf

A book you would recommend? The Pursuit of God, by A.W. Tozer 

How do you like your steak cooked? Medium-rare

Before moving to New York in 2005, Tim was a Youth Pastor at his father's church in Brisbane, Australia.




Born March 10 in West Islip, NY

Hobby (not that you have much time for one)? Scrapbooking

Dream Vacation? A tropical island somewhere in the Pacific Ocean.. maybe Tahiti

Favorite Ice-cream Flavor? Mint Choc-Chip

First Job? Baby Sitter

All-time Favorite Movie? Ever After

Turkey or Ham Sandwich? Turkey

Before meeting Tim, Sarah lived in South Africa caring for orphans through Doctors for Life.




Born January 24 in New York, NY

Favorite snack? Cucumbers

Favorite cartoon character? Woody

Favorite Hobby? Drawing 

The swing or the slide? The slide

Favorite Bible story? Samson & Delilah

Elliana loves going to the swimming pool or beach and being a big sister to Charlie & Lily


 Charlie & Elliana checking out the work at The Refuge Community Center


Born October 2 in New York, NY

Favorite snack? Raisins

Favorite Super Hero? Iron Man

Favorite Hobby? Riding his scooter

The swing or the slide? The slide

Favorite Bible story? Daniel and the Lions Den

Charles wants to have a Transformers: Rescue Bots birthday party when he turns 4.




Born March 28 in Brisbane, Australia

Nickname? Her birth certificate says Lilian, but we like to refer to her as our "Free Range Chicken"

Favorite cereal? Raisin Bran

Began Walking? 10 months

Birth weight? 7 lbs 9 oz, making her the heaviest of our three kids

Late or Early? Born 10 days overdue, so we're guessing she'll keep that up. 

Lily loves animals, especially dogs. Her favorite is a Burmese Mountain Dog named Sampson.

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 Family Portrait in Sidikan